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Music is very interesting and at the same time a very frustrating thing to do as a career. The world of music is too competitive that it eats its young ones alive, many artists fall into depression after getting lost into the music world, so music is not for you if you are quick in giving up on things.

Here are few tips on how to deal with setbacks in your music career, most of these are things you already know but you really didn’t notice that they could be helpful.

Vibe em’, the most interesting part of music is that you can get inspired to write songs from anything, emotions, situations, achievements
Turn the negative energy into a postitve one, get inspired and write lyrics on what you are feeling at the moment, vibe them and make songs out of them, music gives you the chance to express your feelings instead of hold on to the negative energy only if you notice this, and now you’ve taken the chance to push your music further, this might be the particular song that would get the attention of the public.

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Don’t give a “F”, most times you have to completely turn deaf ears to things that would distract you, there are really lot of things you cannot change at the moment,
you don’t need to see it as a setback or you could just give it a middle finger and ride on.

Don’t expect immediate results, most of the things you see as issues are really not, maybe you are a bit impatient. Most of the time when we dream and imagine some things, We anticipate!, turning out that we really need them at them moment, it’s totally natural you shouldn’t see that as a setback but rather work towards achieving these things.

Hangout with friends, the common cause of depression to music artists is loneliness, it makes you think too hard, causing you to worry too much about things you cannot change at the moment, labelling them as setbacks. So it is not advisable to live alone, but if you do, make sure to hangout with friends on daily basis, Share your thoughts, have fun and worry less.

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