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You must have seen many upcoming artistes going through hard times with their music career!, Some get frustrated and end up having depressions. This is very common among upcoming and popular artistes.

Imitatiing popular artistes: Now The first mistake an upcoming artistes could make is to imitate Popular artistes!… At first, it sounds cool I could sing like 2face or probably sound like 2face🙌!, but how further would that get me?. Its okay to have a role model, but not actually making your music sound like your role model’s, where is the originality that keeps you going?.
Now the biggest part of this that, at first people praise you for it!, you get noticed, you get calls, shows e.t.c and you feel achieved but that’s where it ends.

Drugs: The next biggest mistake is Drugs. Though common among popular artistes, Some upcoming artistes engaged in painkillers and Hard drugs to enhance their creativity!. How long would they keep up with that?… Once addiction sets in, depression comes along which take a lifetime to heal.

Signing the wrong record deal: When it comes to signing a record deal, alot of care should be taken!. Not to mention names, we have heard numerous cases of record labels dragging artistes to court and vice versal. Some Record labels are intended just to make money off artistes, Cajoling them with peanuts to get them to sign deals.
Many upcoming artistes have fallen into this trap, some ended up in court cases with thier label and some lost to this. You should know that most record deals come with restrictions.

Production and promotion: Many Artistes get frustrated from the results they got from their songs, its either it didn’t reach up to what they expected or it didn’t sound like what they intended!. Here is it!, Even if you sing better than “Chris brown” with out a quality production, your music would sound like crap!. This is a similar case to music promotion, You need a lot of hard work to your music promotion to reach out to the world and win more fans over , (see 5 ways to promote your songs for free) . These two cases must be highly regarded if you really want to go far with your music career!.

Living off budget: Now this is why every artiste needs a manager!. Many Upcoming artistes run into debts while getting overwhelmed with their success!.

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Some artistes would spend more on their outfit rather than Investing on their “Production and promotions”. Every artiste should take note of this very common mistakes as many have been kick out of their apartments for the bills they couldn’t pay up!.

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