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In Theo Angelopoulos ’ “Landscape within the Mist, ” 2 kids try to escape from their Athens home  in search for his or her dad whom they were told comes from Germany. But beneath the surface area, this film is about therefore much more. Their journey will be an allegory for life by itself, the way we all travel through period in search of something that will may not even be presently there.

Every thing passes so fast: the towns we visit, the strangers all of us meet, painful chapters and happy occurrences. At one point, the traveler looks at the children, smiles and utters words of which ring so true for every and every one of all of us.

“You’re funny kids, you know the fact that? It’s as if you do not care about time passing, however I understand that you are inside a hurry to leave. It is as if you’re going no place, but you’re going somewhere … Me? I’m a snail squirming away into nothingness. I seldom know where I’m going. As soon as I thought That i knew of. ”

We’re almost all aware of time passing, but we pretend that we possess at all times in the world. Within a way, we’re all naive kids traveling in a disorderly odyssey through time. We believe we know where we’re heading, but we really don’t. We are all searching for different points, yet ultimately, we’re looking with regard to the same things, closure, wholeness, a sense of fulfillment. Almost everything seems like it’s within achieve yet completely unattainable.

Will we eventually reach our destination? Or will certainly everything we long for permanently remain a landscape in the particular mist? “Landscape in the Mist” transcends the medium with graceful lyricism that is rarely matched up by any work of artwork.

Angelopoulos sets up this pursuit of religious enlightenment with a delicate starting shot that is as lyrical every I’ve ever seen. The particular screen is completely dark. Almost all we can hear is typically the gentle voice of Voula because she tells her five-year-old sibling, Alexander, a tale she offers told many times before. “In the beginning, there was clearly chaos plus then there was light. As well as the light was separated from the particular darkness and the earth through the sea, as well as the rivers, typically the lakes, and the mountains had been made. And then, the plants plus the trees, the animals, this birds. ” 

We then hear actions approaching, but we are nevertheless in complete darkness. The doorway opens slightly, and see the beam of light creeping in to the dark revealing the kids pretending to be asleep during sex. It becomes clear to often the viewer that Angelopoulos is showing Voula’s fairytale with nothing yet light and shadow. This will be what cinema is all regarding, filmmakers bringing words to existence by painting with light. Angelopoulos encapsulates the very essence associated with the entire medium of movie within the first few times of his masterpiece.

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“Landscape in your Mist” is filled with numerous breathtaking episodes that work since standalone moments in time. Yet these anecdotes will also be part regarding a beautiful whole. As along with life, we are always getting into one moment once we are concerning to leave another. Every instant is as aesthetically rich since the one before. I found personally pausing the film at a number of moments just to soak within all the beauty. It is usually sad that everything that is definitely beautiful eventually has to diminish away to become a point of the past. The cause we treasure moments of joy is because we all know they are usually not permanent, and they usually are in a type of transition.  

This particular sentiment is captured in a new wonderful scene that comes soon after one of the film’s more painful chapters. After some sort of moment of great suffering, all of us bump into the only really kind character in the motion picture, Orestis. We see the 2 children riding in the motorcycle, and as they are racing towards beach, he asks: “Are you scared? ” To which usually Voula replies, “No! I do not want it to ever finish. ” After witnessing this bad child go through hell, this particular brief moment of joy gets all that matters in the exact world.  

“Landscape in the Mist” is a work of artwork that comes from the emotions, dreams, sorrows, and flashes involving life that we experience each day. And it is almost all stitched together by the haunting melancholic score composed by the very great Eleni Karaindrou. This contemplative film is layered, complex, difficult and rewarding. I find me personally thinking about these children period and time again as We go through my very own journey inside life. It is filled together with immense wisdom and unforgettable symbolism. The final shot in particular gets to a crescendo of beauty that will is so operatic, once observed it will never be overlooked.  

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